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July 14th, 2020.

Bob Peedle writes:

Sunday the 12th of July was the anniversary of the Birth of England. In the year 927AD, Athelstan, the King of the Anglo-Saxons, took control of the areas of the North of the country at Eamont Bridge in Cumbria, then ruled by the Vikings from York.

Thus was created England within its geographical boundaries much as we know it today. From then on, Athelstan was known as Rex Angolorum, the first ever King of the English.

This is a day that has not been specially celebrated over the centuries, so perhaps it is time that we start to commemorate England's birthday, the 12th of July each year? Had it not been for the restrictions of this year's Covid-19 pandemic, The Seahaven Branch of The Royal Society of St. George would have had a celebratory function - Let us hope we can do something next year.

Bob Peedle MBE, Fellow of The Royal Society of St. George and Chairman of the Seahaven Branch.