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December 15th, 2020.

Over the past two years, local Lib Dem Councillor, Sean Macleod, (pictured), has repeatedly reported a water leak and flooding issue at Heighton Road, in South Heighton, to South East Water, but the problem remains.

Cllr Macleod explains: "It is infuriating that the leaks remain, South East Water know exactly where the leaks are as I have shown them on maps.

"We are told every summer to be careful of our water usage, so how can it be acceptable that a leak can continue for so long.

"We will likely see increases in our water bills in the future, but we have a water company that continues to ignore leak reports.

"It is worth remembering that every year, South East water makes significant profits, so we need to start seeing significant investment and improvement in our water systems.

Darren Grover, East Sussex County Councillor added: “Water is, particularly in summer, a finite resource. It costs the water companies millions of pounds to treat our water so that it is safe to consume. To see such wastage is frustrating, as the increased costs will inevitably be passed on to local people.

"Another consequence of these leaks is that they damage and weaken our roads and pavements, many of which are already in poor condition. Leaks cause potholes, uneven surfaces, and can even cause roads to collapse completely. Water companies must take their responsibilities seriously."