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December 20th, 2020.

Jim Skinner reports:

The Friends of Tide Mills held their last meeting of 2020 today in compliance with the latest Covid restriction measures. 13 of us collected around 8 bags of litter, plus a fair amount of heavier items deposited by the sea and winds.

We hope that we will now be able to continue our normal activities in helping keep Tide Mills cared and looked out for, but obviously this very much depends on future government announcements.

Like everyone else, we look forward to a much more hopeful 2021. The days are shortly to start drawing out, the vaccines will hopefully start in earnest and then the spring will eventually start to emerge. Marvelous.

As always, we do appreciate that, in addition to our members, there are many regular visitors to Tide Mills who have continued to clear litter during this pandemic. We thank you all and please be assured you are very much appreciated in making this effort.

As always, of course there is a minority who just don't appreciate just how precious an openspace Tide Mills is, and continue to leave their rubbish for others to collect for them. To these people we say if you haven't the time or energy to take your litter away with you, please don't leave or dump it in bushes and other similar hard to reach places that make it difficult for us, and the other many like minded people who do care for Tide Mills, to get to. Why not stockpile it in open view?????

Our next and first meeting of 2021 is Sunday the 17th of January. As always we welcome any new members to our fold, for around 2 hours (10.00am to 12.00 noon) of very rewarding activity.

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