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December 5th, 2020.

A business in Seaford has teamed up with 16 independent estate agents in England, Wales, and Scotland, to donate £3200 to hospices.

The Estate Agent Content Club (EACC) which provides written articles and graphics to non-competing independent agencies, launched the Helping Our Local Hospices campaign in the last week of November. Its charitable arm the Karma Club offered to match fund any of its members who wanted to donate £100 to their local hospice. Local couple Jerry Lyons and Wendy Reed run the business and explained what inspired them to do it.

Jerry said: “Covid-19 has meant 2020 has been a brutal year for hospices that often rely solely on fundraising. With all events pretty much wiped out since March, they have been under extreme pressure to keep providing the magical and much-needed care and support they provide people who are in the winters of their lives.

“I know from personal experience how much their work matters because my mum saw out her days in a wonderful hospice.

“I’m proud of our clients for stepping up, putting their hands in their pockets and making it possible for us to match fund their donations and donate to the local hospice in their area.”

One such member was John Paul from the Castledene Group in the north-east. He said: “We’re proud to have played our small part in the Helping Our Local Hospices campaign. It’s an inspiring idea and shows typical generosity from Jerry, Wendy and their Karma Club.”

Pictured: Jerry Lyons of the Estate Agent Content Club.