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December 2nd, 2020.

Seaford Conservatives have written an open letter to East Sussex County Council’s Director of Transport calling for improvements to be made on the A259 junctions with Hill Rise, Marine Parade and Bishopstone as soon as possible following another crash at the site today, as they launch a petition asking residents to back their calls for action.

The letter sets out the results of a recent survey in which 87.9% of respondents said that they had experienced problems including crashes, traffic, and near misses at the junctions.

Seaford West District Councillor Liz Boorman (pictured) explained: “It is tragic that another accident has happened at this site. As the local Councillor I regularly speak with residents who are desperate for change here. They feel like they almost take their lives in their hands every time they want to pull out on to the A259. We have been calling for improvements such as traffic lights, roundabouts or slower speed limits for a long time, and we are now urging that such changes come sooner rather than later, before anyone else is hurt here.”

Seaford Conservatives are now launching a petition for plans to be put in place as quickly as possible which they will send to East Sussex County Council in the coming months. This can be found at